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Jamaican Trash the Dress with Marissa and Byron

This is part 2 of Marissa and Byron’s fabulous Jamaican wedding (click here to read part 1).

When I first met with Marissa and Byron, they asked if I would be able to shoot a trash the dress session for them while we were down south.  I was so excited as this would be my very first trash the dress!  Little did I know it would be a bridal party session… even better!

The ladies decided to have a duel with their bouquets since they wouldn’t be needing them any more…. not sure who won!

Nothing like a little bridal ocean football…

To finish off, my favourite shot of the session!

Absolutely loved this shoot… so much fun getting the shots you normally can’t during the wedding day.  For all you future brides out there, a trash the dress session doesn’t actually need to “trash” the dress.  It can be as simple as sitting in the sand or lying in the grass; any stains can always be dry-cleaned out as well!

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Jamaican Destination Wedding with Marissa and Byron!

This past January I had the opportunity to head down south with Marissa and Byron to shoot their wedding in Jamaica.  As far as destination weddings go, this had to be one of the best!  Who can ask for more… sun, sand, tropical drinks and Bob Marley playing in the background … all day long.  On top of all that, their family and friends had to be one of the most welcoming and easy going bunch of people I have had the pleasure of spending time with.

Without further ado… here is their story…

After grabbing an amazing breakfast at the buffet, we (Jess was my second for the day) headed down to the resort’s massage and beauty parlour to meet Marissa and Amy, her maid of honour for a few hair and makeup shots.

Ahh tropical drinks… especially refreshing on your wedding day!

After finishing off, the ladies decided to head back to their room for something to eat.  What’s for lunch?  The infamous jerk chicken from the jerk chicken hut on the beach (see Jamaica post) and a  Red Stripe, the iconic beer of Jamaica.

Meanwhile,  Jess was off taking a couple shots of the boys while they were getting ready…

Unlike ladies who typically take a couple of hours to get ready, men usually are capable of pulling it together in less than half an hour.  In typical fashion, after 5 min to toss on the clothes and 15 min to enjoy a drink, they were off!

Almost time for the wedding gown! I find this is the time when most brides get either really excited, really nervous, or a combination of both.

What’s a wedding without some champagne?

The officiant, relaxing before his duties

Congrats to you both!

There’s a funny law in Jamaica.  You need to be in the country at least two days (I believe) after getting married before you can leave.   Can anyone explain this?

One of my favourites!

Father and daughter, Mother and son

The iconic beach shot.  I just couldn’t resist…

These two were so fun!  Its couples like this that make me feel like I have the best job in the world

One of my favourite ring shots of all time!

We took a little break, then back out for some beautiful sunset shots

Next up was dinner at the resort Steakhouse.

And finally, my favourite photo of the day! You two will be so happy!

Simply amazing wedding.  Perfect weather, sun, sand and tropical drinks.  Who can ask for more?  Thanks to you both for including me in your special day!

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I had the amazing opportunity to shoot my very first destination wedding this past January in Negril, Jamaica.  I have been to a number of Caribbean destinations and Jamaica has been my favourite so far.  Maybe it was the 5-star resort, or maybe it was the amazing jerk chicken hut on the beach, either way, I can’t wait to go back!

Here are a couple non-wedding related shots from my trip.  Hope you enjoy!

These birds were everywhere!  Still don’t know what they are called though…

This was probably my favourite shot of the trip!

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Thanksgiving Camping at The Pinery

Every year my family goes camping for Thanksgiving, usually at The Pinery in Grand Bend, Ontario.  For those of you who have a love for nature, the outdoors and camping, but have not yet visited The Pinery, I suggest you do so!

Just a few shots from the weekend…

Can’t wait to get out camping again sometime soon….

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Michelle and Sean … NOT an engagement session

Over Christmas, I took a couple shots of my sister and her boyfriend Sean since they had never had any “professional” shots taken.  I figured we would forget about the professional and just go out and take some photos after it had snowed.  I got permission to publish these photos only if I made it quite clear that they weren’t engagement photos .. so hopefully I don’t get in trouble!

I have known my sister for a long time .. all my life.. and Sean for much less time.  Already, I can tell these two work really well together and I’m excited to see where things go for them!

Here are a couple shots … hope you like them 🙂

Always pumped to shoot family.. plus these two are fun

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Charan portrait session – train tracks and Webster’s Falls

When I first met Charan, we sat down and I asked her what kind of photos she would like to have taken.  She responded by telling me that she wanted me to capture where she is in her life right now.  Awesome! An abstract shoot that would allow me to flex my creative muscle!  I had no idea where to begin.

I asked her to tell me about her life and everything that has lead her to this point.  Eventually, I discovered that she feels as if she has been wandering, often with little direction, and is now at a decision point in her life.  She feels change approaching.  This was my task – capture a mindset, a feeling and emotion.

Here is how it turned out…

Peter and Claire Married in Perth, Ontario!

Earlier this spring, I shot Peter and Claire’s engagement photos (one of my most popular engagement sessions – see here) and absolutely fell in love with their genuineness.  The depth of emotion in their relationship was quite evident during our session, resulting in photos that far exceeded my expectations.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding!

Here is Peter and Claire’s story…

After a long drive up to Perth with my partner and second shooter Jessica, we ended up in a fantastic bed and breakfast just outside of Perth called Clyde Hall.  Conveniently, this was also the location Claire would be getting ready at in the morning.  I couldn’t wait to start shooting!

I awoke after a fantastic sleep to an amazing breakfast and the chance to get to know the rest of the bridal party.  I really value the opportunity to get to know everyone when things aren’t as fast paced as they will be during the rest of the day.  After breakfast, it was time to get ready!

One of the best parts about shooting weddings is the ability to capture completely candid moments that most people would expect are posed.

All the bridesmaids had a different set of earrings!

The owners of the B&B took off and left us all a treat… these delicious cookies!

Champagne is always a nice touch that relaxes everyone and makes for some great shots

The ladies did a fantastic job putting together the bouquets on the morning of…

Very lucky that Perth was having a fair that weekend, allowing us to get this memorable photo

This flower girl was likely one of the cutest I have seen in awhile 🙂 

First time Peter and Claire really let their personality show through all day.  This made me smile…

I love the windswept look of Claire’s dress in this photo, definitely one of my favourites. 

Many thanks to Jessica for crouching down underneath the glovebox to capture this fantastic moment

What a great family portrait! This one’s going on the mantle!

Nothing like McDonald’s to satisfy hunger cravings…highly recommended on your wedding day, or so I’m told

Love this shot

Finally, time to eat! 

The reception took place at a number of fabulous old barns that had been renovated to host events; definitely one of the nicest weddings I have ever been to.  Most wedding photographers would agree that it is the details that really have a big impact on the aesthetics of the wedding, and Claire did an awesome job in that department!

Jessica managed to capture this amazing photo with a combination of being in the right place at the right time

If this sign looked normal to you at the end of the evening, you had likely over-indulged.  

Amazing food provided by The Stone Cellar restaurant in Perth

Providing warm, soft light, the hour before sunset is often the best time to get a few quick shots with a couple.  

A final shot to link both of the amazing sessions I had with this couple.

As I finish this post, I realize that I have incorporated a record of 65 photos!  If you managed to make it to the end, I congratulate you and thank you for viewing.

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Wisam and Lubna – a Dundurn Castle Engagement Session

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Wisam and Lubna who had asked me to provide a few photos for their upcoming wedding at the beginning of October.  They really liked the idea of shooting at Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, followed by a second location at Webster’s falls, time permitting of course.  I arrived early and scouted out the location, noticing that there were not one, not two, but three other photographers there.  Apparently it was a popular spot.

Wisam and Lubna arrived about 15 minutes later.  After saying my usual bit about the importance of being natural and forgetting I am there (I really stress this as I feel the best photos are the intimate shots you get when a couple pays no attention to you), Wisam and I talked about photography gear (always a favourite topic for me).  I learned that they both loved photography and immediately had mixed feelings.

The good: I would have an easier time setting up shots since they were aware of the importance of natural looking shots

The bad: I would have to work hard to come up with a unique, creative perspective

Here are a few photos from the evening….

I really enjoy this vintage look – it went perfectly with the outfits they had chosen for the day.

We found an apple tree, they were surprisingly good!

This was a very non-typical shot for me.  I really like the abstract feel it has with the waterfall blurred out in the back right.

I really enjoyed working with Wisam and Lubna, they are two very genuine, happy, and fun people.  I know your wedding will be beautiful!

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